MIDI Orchestral MP3's

This group of MP3 files are recordings of MIDI sequences found on the web. The MIDI sequences were reworked and orchestrated as necessary for use with Proteus sound modules.

Title Author Size

A Swingin Safari Bert Kaempfert 1853k
A Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy, Daisy) Harry Dare, 1892 2363k
Anglers Jig - traditional - 1948k
Baby Elephant Walk Henry Mancini 1864k
Barber Of Siville Gioacchino Rossini 2502k
Birdy Ditty - unknown - 852k
Canyon Music Music Data Company 1407k
Carnival Of The Animals Finale Camille Saint-Saens, 1886 1204k
Carol Of The Bells Chip Davis - Mannheim Steamroller 2899k
Christofori's Dream David Lantz 3494k
Classical Gas Mason Williams 1756k
Demo Piece Roland Corp. 1559k
Doggy Mountain Breakdown NPR Car Talk Theme 1224k
Echoes M. Walthius 1994k
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 3262k
Fiddle Faddle Leroy Anderson 2836k
Goodnight My Someone Meredith Willson 1228k
Hawkins Rag Charles B. Kreitzberg 1194k
Jingle Bells James Pierpont (1822-1893) 1680k
La Premavera Antonio Vavaldi 2419k
Liberty March John Philip Sousa 1227k
Linus And Lucy Vince Guaraldi 1929k
Main Street Electric Parade Disney 2351k
March of the Wooden Soldiers Victor Herbert 1832k
Microsoft Clouds Brian Orr 2069k
New Orleans Shuffle Charles B. Kreitzberg 2224k
Organ Postlude - unknown - 1335k
Perpetual Motion Johann Strauss 1671k
Puffin Billy (Captain Kangaroo Theme) Edward White 2141k
The Algorithm Sean Patrick Hannifin 1761k
William Tell Overture Gioacchino Rossini 2136k

This following MP3's are earlier attempts at music sequencing using a Kurzweil K1000 and Kawai PH50.

Title Author Size

On The Beautiful Blue Danube Johann Strauss 2890k
Fiddle Faddle Leroy Anderson 4078k
Greensleeves - traditional - 1382k
Come Sail Away STYX 1525k

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