Odds and Ends

This collection of MP3 files is best described as "different". You might roll your eyes, laugh or plug your ears.

Title Author Size

Beatlebaum - A "pun ee" horse race Spike Jones 2357k
Be Careful What You Eat       - Lyrics WB Animaniacs 586k
Correct; How Do You Feel? - Mr Spock Star Trek IV 392k
Elements Tom Lehrer 1137k
Fish                - Awful - unknown - 633k
Jingle Bells  - The Singing Dogs J. Pierpont 1172k
Noel WB Animaniacs 1312k
Saint George And The Dragon Stan Freberg 959k
Scream - unknown - 27k
Trumpet Laugh - unknown - 834k
Twelve Gifts of Christmas Allan Sherman 2381k
Wakko's America     - Lyrics WB Animaniacs 891k
Yakko's World          - Lyrics WB Animaniacs 839k

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