Chapter 12: On the Mend

"Good morning," said Harry as he entered the kitchen of the Burrow. Arthur and Molly sat at the table finishing breakfast.

"Good morning," said Molly. "Sleep well?"

"Better," said Harry as he sat down at the table. He was neatly dressed and his normally unruly hair was combed and mostly in place.

"You look dapper today," said Molly.

"Thanks, I'm meeting with Kingsley at the Ministry."

Arthur smiled. "Hopefully the magically enchanted windows at the Ministry won't disturb your meeting. I reckon someone was in training yesterday. There was a blizzard, lightning, thunder, and after lunch, a thick fog. The fog spilled in through the windows and covered the floor. It was so thick that you couldn't see your shoes."

Harry grinned. "What did they do about it?"

"Janitors were dispatched to mop it up. We all had a good laugh. I heard people humming The Foggy Dew for most of the afternoon."

"While I'm at the Ministry, I want to inquire about my parents' cottage in Godric's Hollow. Do you know who I should see to talk about it?"

"I think Landis Homestead would be the right person. He works in the Department of Magical Dwellings on level two. He should also be able to tell you who to contact at Godric's Hollow."

"Thanks. Umm ... I don't mean to cause you any grief but ... at the funeral, I saw the clergyman present Fred's wand to you. And at the funeral for Remus and Tonks, Andromeda received their wands. I was wondering, what happens to a wand when a family member isn't present at the funeral?"

Arthur and Molly glanced briefly at each other. Then with a somber expression Arthur said, "The Aurors store it away. It can be claimed by a family member or next of kin." With a grim expression he said, "If the wand isn't claimed ... it's destroyed."

"Oh," said Harry in a disappointed voice. "How long do they keep the wand?"

"I don't know. Probably best to ask in the Auror department."

Harry nodded.

After a moment, Arthur turned to Molly. "Are we still meeting for that IWROC luncheon today?"

"Yes, we have so much to plan and organize this time. I'll meet you at your office. Andra is bringing Amos with her. We can all go together."

"What's the I rock?" said Harry.

"It stands for the International Witches Relief Organization and Care," said Molly. "It was founded over a hundred years ago to help those who are victims of war or disaster. So many volunteers helped after the First Wizarding War. I hope there is a good turn out this time too."

"Good morning," said Ginny as she stepped into the kitchen. She was wearing jeans and a plaid work shirt. A baseball cap was on her head with her hair sticking through the hatband in a ponytail.

They all greeted Ginny as she sat down at the table across from Harry.

Arthur stood. "I must be off to work. You all have a good day." He kissed Molly on the cheek. "I'll see you later at my office."

After they all wished Arthur a good day, he stepped out into the yard and disapparated. Harry and Ginny began to eat breakfast.

"When is your meeting with the construction foreman?" said Harry.

"Nine o'clock. McGonagall's owl said to meet in the entrance hall. Will you be able to come to Hogwarts today?"

"I'm not sure. I'll send you a message when I know."

Later, after finishing breakfast and saying goodbye, Ginny stepped into the fireplace for Hogwarts. A moment later, Harry stepped into the fireplace for the Ministry.

Harry entered a waiting area outside of Kingsley's office and stepped toward a desk. A receptionist in her mid-twenties was seated behind the desk and looking down in concentration at a number of official parchments. She was dressed in neatly fitting business attire. Her shoulder length chestnut brown hair was attractively styled and tucked behind her ears. He waited a moment. When she didn't look up, he cleared his throat and said, "I'm here to see Kingsley."

The receptionist looked up and froze for a moment as her eyes quickly darted upward to his forehead. Then she looked at him with a flirtatious smile. "I'm so very pleased to meet you Mister Potter. My name is Lethia Edwards. I'm Minister Shacklebolt's personal assistant."

"Ah, pleasure to meet you," said Harry a little unsure.

She gazed at him intently. "I've wanted to tell you how very thankful I am for all you've done for our magical world." She winked at him. "If there's anything I can do for you, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask."

"Umm ... may I go in?"

She stood, revealing a short skirt and attractive figure. She slowly moved to the door of Kingsley's office. Opening the door she said, "Right this way, he's expecting you." The scent of perfume touched his senses as he walked past her and into the office.

Kingsley looked up from his desk and stared sternly at Lethia. The door of the office quickly closed. As Harry approached the desk, Kingsley motioned for him to sit down. Then with his index finger raised, he silently mouthed, "Just one minute."

Harry nodded and sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

"Okay, those terms will be acceptable," said Kingsley speaking to a booklet on his desk. "But you must ensure that the materials are on the Hogwarts grounds in less than two weeks. There can be no delay as there are many workers and volunteers who are ready to begin."

A tinny voice said, "It will be there in a week and a half and we stand ready to assist further if needed."

"Thank you," said Kingsley, "Esemé Elliot will contact you if any other needs arise."

Kingsley closed the small booklet he had been speaking to and tucked it into his pocket. Then he stood and moved toward the chair next to Harry.

"Harry, it's good to see you again," said Kingsley as Harry stood and they shook hands. After seating themselves in the chairs Kingsley said, "My apologies. The Ministry is helping with materials and contractor negotiations for the Hogwarts rebuilding effort."

"No problem. Is the rebuilding effort going well?"

"Yes, the voluntary outpouring of business, witches, and wizards is most gratifying. There is a deep pride and desire to see Hogwarts made right. The Ministry is coordinating its efforts with direction from Headmistress McGonagall and her staff of overseers."

"That's very good to hear. We ... I ... ah ... caused a bit of a mess."

"Don't trouble yourself with that Harry; those with malignant intent caused the damage. Aurors have significantly neutralized the remaining dark forces. And thanks to your ongoing vigilance, a terrorist plot against the Ministry was thwarted. Have you seen or heard of any other suspicious activities?"

"About a week ago, Ron and Hermione detected someone in the hills around the Burrow. Whoever it was moved quickly away and disapparated. They didn't see who it was or find anything that might help identify the person. We think that witch or wizard was very skilled at covering their tracks. Do you know who that person might be?"

In a serious tone Kingsley said, "Yes Harry, I know who it was. The Aurors have debriefed the incident and taken steps to ensure that it does not happen again. My apologies. I'm raising your deputy security level by what I'm about to tell you. Do not speak of it to anyone else. Lives are at stake."

Harry nodded solemnly.

"The Auror department has been watching the Burrow for a while now. I'm sure you'll agree, it is a prime target for enemy forces, due in part, to your presence among them. If a move is made against you or any of the Weasley family, the Aurors will be in a position to take counter measures."

"So I'm endangering the Weasley family by staying at the Burrow?" said Harry in alarm.

"No Harry. Dark forces marked the Weasley family as blood traitors during the first war. The Weasleys have lived and dealt with a lot of ill treatment and risk because of it. They've indirectly helped the Aurors apprehend many over those years."

Harry looked sternly at Kingsley. "So I'm added bait for the trap?"

"I wouldn't say it like that Harry," said Kingsley kindly. "Rather, I would say that the Ministry is deeply grateful for the courage of you and the Weasley family. It will be needed for a while longer."

After a moment, Harry's expression softened and he reluctantly nodded in understanding.

"Your owl said that you have some questions for me. What's on your mind Harry?"

"I wanted to ask you about joining the Auror department. I know I haven't got all the required NEWTs yet but I'd still like to help in any way that I can."

"That's very good to hear from you Harry. Have you thought about the type of work that interests you?"

"A detective." With a small smile he said, "Certain members of the Weasley family would like to see me a bit more out of harm's way."

"I understand their concern and concur whole heartedly," said Kingsley. "You already possess much of the skill and thinking under extreme circumstances that the Auror department looks for in an applicant. Do you plan to complete your NEWT studies this year at Hogwarts?"


"Very good. I will send an owl to Headmistress McGonagall and detail some specific Auror curriculum to include in your studies."

"What's the next step?"

"After you complete an application, the Auror department will arrange for your apprenticeship. When all is in order, you will be sworn in and your training and involvement in Auror department affairs will begin."

"Excellent," said Harry.

"You can get the application from the Auror department when you are ready."

"Now I have a question about wands. Arthur Weasley told me the Auror department stores unclaimed wands from deceased family members. How can I find out if my parent's wands are in custody?"

"Talulla O'Keefe can help you with that. She is the head custodian for confiscated magical items."

"And one last question. How do I make the deposition I spoke of at the funeral? I'd like to do it today if I can."

"I'll take you down to the Auror of the Day who can document your statements for the official record. We can go there now if you have no other questions."

After a short walk down some stairs to level two, Kingsley led Harry through a door marked Auror Office. It was a large undecorated room with cubicles and desks filling the floor space. Some of the cubicles contained a witch or wizard with head looking down at their work. They approached a desk where a large stocky wizard was seated.

Kingsley stopped. "Gus, will you bring your official records book and join us in the private meeting room."

Kingsley and Harry continued walking. Gus rummaged in his desk for a moment and then stood and followed.

After they had all stepped into the meeting room Kingsley said, "Harry, this is Auror Marshall. Gus, this is Mister Potter."

Harry began to extend his hand but Gus stood motionless looking at him with a hostile expression.

Kingsley turned to Gus. "Please take Mister Potter's deposition. When you're done, show him the way to Confiscated Magical Items." Kingsley then turned and walked out of the room pulling the door closed behind him.

Motioning for Harry to be seated, Gus moved to the chair behind the desk and sat down. After silently looking at Harry for a long moment, Gus said in a gruff voice, "Rufus Scrimgeour and me were good friends, we both joined up on the same day. I think if you had cooperated more with him, he might still be alive."

"Sorry about your mate. But what I did was absolutely necessary." Then he looked sternly at Gus. "You'll have to trust me on that because I'm not going to say anything more about it."

"You'll have to earn my trust Mister Potter," said Gus in an irritated tone. "Let's get on with your deposition. Who's it for?"

"The first one is for Draco Malfoy."

Gus opened the record book. A quill floated up and stood poised to write.

Harry said, "What role are you playing in the Malfoy case?"

Gus looked at him blankly. "I will collect all factual evidence and statements that have anything to do with the case. I don't keep score. The statements you enter into the official case record will be available to the prosecution and the defense. The rest is up to the Wizengamot."

After a pause Gus said, "Know also that your statements may result in a summons to appear at the trial and be cross examined under oath. Do you still want to proceed?"


"Okay, start with your statement. I'll ask questions as needed to tease out relevant facts and details. If you don't want to answer a question, just say so and we'll move on."

For the next hour, they talked.

Harry walked through a dingy corridor and into a large circular room. Many old and dusty file cabinets lined the walls. There was a small cubicle midway along each side of the room. Each cubicle had high walls and a small door. On the far side, a concave shaped wall was set partway into the room with a passageway on each end. The wall held a sign that proclaimed Department of Confiscated Magical Items.

A witch with graying hair sat behind a desk just in front of the curved wall. She was intently studying the contents of an open folder. High stacks of parchments covered the desk, some stacks reaching halfway to the ceiling. In the middle of the desk at the front was a potted plant with many long green vines. The vines grew along the edge of the desk creeping over objects and encircling many of the stacks of parchments. The ends of the vines reached out into the room and twisted gently. One of the vines brushed the witch's ear and she looked up from her work.

"Oh Merlin." She quickly stood and moved from behind the desk toward Harry. She wore a long gray cloak that was spotted and streaked with dust.

"I'm so pleased and excited to meet you," said the witch with a delighted expression on her face. "I'm Talulla O'Keefe Mister Potter." She reached out and taking his hand with both of hers, shook it vigorously. "It's such a pleasure and an honor to meet you in person."

"A pleasure to meet you too," said Harry.

Realizing that she was still shaking his hand, she giggled and released it, her face reddened in embarrassment. "Please forgive me Mister Potter, I'm behaving like a third year."

"That's okay. Do you work here alone? It looks like you could use some help."

"It's just me and Charlie there on the desk. There were others last year but they fled during the inquisitions. I'm sure they're still afraid of what might happen to them if they return." With an unsure expression she said, "One of them comes from a non-magical family."

"I understand. One of my best friends comes from a non-magical family. Minister Shacklebolt will make things right again."

"I most certainly hope so Mister Potter," said Talulla in a tired voice. "This last year, snatchers would barge in here looking for information on people and their families. Albert Runcorn told me, in no uncertain terms, to stay clear of them. They made such a mess of the backroom and took many things."

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Harry a little downcast. "I'm hopeful some belongings of my parents might still be here."

Talulla smiled and with a wink said, "I have many special hiding places that no one knows about. The year was nineteen-eighty-one?"

"Yes, James and Lily Potter."

Talulla moved to a file cabinet against the wall and pulled open a drawer. Lifting out a large green ledger, she laid it on the drawer and opened it. He watched in anticipation as she began searching through its pages.

"Here it is," said Talulla a moment later. "Let me see now." She took out her wand and touched it to the page of the ledger.

"Mister Potter, please touch your wand to this line."

Harry took out his wand and touched the line where Talulla was pointing in the ledger. Writing appeared in a blank part of the line.

"Geburah Chesed Kether Netzach," muttered Talulla. Then she replaced the ledger and closed the file cabinet drawer.

"Just one moment while I check the storage vault at that location." Then with wand in hand, she walked around the end of the curved wall and disappeared from sight.

For some long moments, Harry slowly meandered around the room looking at the file cabinets. Most of the drawers had dates from the nineteen hundreds but there were a few with much older dates. Thoughts of all he had seen in the Room of Hidden Things at Hogwarts came to mind. Its contents were gone now, destroyed by the fiendfire. So too were the stories those objects could have told about the people who had placed them there. Hearing footsteps, Harry turned and saw Talulla emerge from behind the curved wall carrying a narrow dusty box.

"I'm sorry for the delay Mister Potter. The location used an unusual locking charm and it took a few tries to get it open." She handed him the box saying, "There was no evidence of tampering at the storage location so I am quite certain this is the only item that was placed there."

With an expression of wonder, he took the box from her hand. An unbroken wax seal held the lid of the box in place.

"If you wish to examine its contents before leaving, you may use the private cubicle just over there."

"No, I'll look at it later. This is fantastic. Thank you so very much."

"It has been a pleasure meeting you today Mister Potter. I hope to see you again sometime."

Harry took a few steps toward the exit and then stopped. Turning back he said, "Umm ... which way do I go to get to the Department of Magical Dwellings?"

"Go left outside the door and then walk to the end of the corridor."

"Thanks." As he walked out of the room, he tucked the box into his mokeskin pouch.

Ginny stepped from the fireplace into the familiar empty meeting room at Hogwarts. Without hesitation, she exited and made her way toward the entrance hall. Upon arrival, she saw twenty or so others already present. Catching sight of Neville talking with Hannah, she made her way over to them.

"Hi Neville, Hi Hannah."

"Hi Ginny," said Hannah. "I was hoping to see Hermione with you. I wanted to ask if she'd help in the library."

"She's away with her parents but should be returning soon. I'll mention it when I see her."

"Thanks," said Hannah.

Ginny looked at Neville, "I didn't expect to see so many people."

"McGonagall has things really well organized. I've already met with Archie Rutherford. He'll be rebuilding the greenhouses."

"Your attention please," came the voice of McGonagall from the front of the room. She was holding a long piece of parchment.

"First, I want to say it is most gratifying to see all of you here today. I wish to extend my sincerest thanks to each of you for your time and generosity. I will now introduce the Hogwarts overseers and contractors. The overseers have already reported on the condition and needs of their assigned area. Please accompany the contractor and answer any questions they may have. If questions arise that you are unable to answer, please send word to me. Briefly raise your hand when I call your name.

Ernest Macmillan will oversee the Hufflepuff common room and dormitories. Please meet with Lennie Curtis.

Katie Bell will oversee the Gryffindor common room and dormitories. You will meet with Walter Hopkins.

Terry Boot will oversee the Ravenclaw common room and dormitories. Meet with Maven MacBay.

Theodore Nott will oversee the Slytherin common room and dormitories. Please meet with Clay Newell."


McGonagall looked up from the long parchment she was holding. "I believe that's everyone. Did I miss anyone?" After a brief moment of silence McGonagall said, "Very well, you may all begin."

The sound of murmured conversations filled the entrance hall as overseers and contractors met up and began moving off in different directions. Ginny moved toward Ken Ackerman. He was tall, stocky, and looked to be the age of her father. He was studying a notepad in his hand.

As Ginny approached, he looked up and extended his hand. "A pleasure to meet you Ginevra."

She shook his hand saying, "A pleasure meeting you too Ken. I hope my notes are clear."

"Yes, they are. Do you play Quidditch?"

"Yes, I do."

"I thought so. Some of your suggested improvements are in line with other work I have done."

"Really? Will you be able to do them here too?"

"I think so. Your suggestions will help make Quidditch safer and more rewarding for the players here at Hogwarts. I have a few other suggestions that you may want to consider. Let's take a walk to the pitch and I'll review them with you."


A few hours later, Ken and Ginny returned to the entrance hall. Ken withdrew a small parchment from the inside cover of his notebook and handed it to Ginny. "This is a list of Quidditch equipment suppliers. You might be able to talk some of them into donating more up to date equipment to the school."

"Oh thank you so much," said Ginny excitedly.

"I will bring a demolition crew next Monday and we'll get started cleaning up the damaged parts of the pitch."

After shaking Ginny's hand, he walked out the oak front doors and started down the lane toward the front gates. She pumped the air saying, "Yes!" Then she hurried off.

Sometime later, seated outdoors at a stone table, Ginny finished writing on a piece of parchment. She looked up at the owlery in the distance and waved her hand high over her head. An owl emerged from a high opening and after silently gliding down, landed on the table in front of her.

She carefully attached the rolled parchment to the owl's leg. "It goes to Ben Ollerton at the Cleansweep Broom Company. Have a nice flight."

The owl hooted and in a flapping of wings, took to the air. She watched the owl for a moment as it flew skyward and then made a check mark on the equipment supplier list. As she reached for another piece of parchment, her attention was drawn to a silvery vaporous ball floating quickly toward her. It stopped a short distance away and formed into the transparent shape of a stag.

A familiar voice said, "Almost done. See you soon."

She watched the patronus dissolve. Collecting up her parchments and quill, she made her way to the meeting room. A few minutes later, Harry stepped from the fireplace in a flash of green light.

"Hi," said Harry as they embraced warmly. "How was your meeting with the contractor?"

"Excellent. He liked my suggestions and had a few of his own. The Quidditch pitch is going to be better than ever."

"That's brilliant Ginny."

"And you know what else? He gave me a list of Quidditch equipment suppliers. I've been writing to them and asking for donations. Can you help me write more after lunch?"

"Sure, who have you written to?"

"Al's Quaffle Hut, Agatha's Robes and Jerseys, Quality Quidditch Supplies, and Cleansweep Brooms."

"Wow, you've been busy."

"I want to ask everyone on the list as soon as possible."

"Okay, let's have some lunch and then we can get started."

As they made their way out the door Ginny said, "How was your morning at the Ministry?"

"It went really well. Do you remember that real estate office we stepped into at Godric's Hollow? It's registered with the Department of Magical Dwellings at the Ministry and ..."

Later at the Burrow, Harry and Ginny sat at the kitchen table with Arthur and Molly eating supper.

"Harry," said Arthur, "did you meet up with Landis today?"

"Yes. We contacted the Godric's Hollow real estate office and made some initial arrangements. Once the details are sorted out, Landis will help me with the Ministry paper work. His department will also tend to the muggle memory modifications."

"Landis is a good man and I'm happy to hear he was able to help you."

"The only part I'm not sure about is Grimmauld Place."

"Yes," said Arthur thoughtfully. "The Fidelius charm is likely very weak now, mostly just hiding the place from muggles."

Molly frowned. "That's such a dark and dreary place. Goodness knows you should live in a nicer place."

Harry said, "Landis wasn't sure about it either. I want to be rid of it but he didn't think there would be many wanting to buy it."

Arthur smiled. "And that portrait of Walburga in the entrance hall won't be a strong selling point either."

"Maybe a Black family relative would want it," said Ginny. "You could ask Andromeda. There were a lot of people at the funeral for Remus and Tonks."

"That's a great suggestion," said Harry. "I want to ask Kreacher about it too. He took care of the Black family home for many years and he might have some feelings about the place."

There was a moment of silence in the room. Then Arthur said, "That is very thoughtful and compassionate of you Harry. There aren't many who would take into consideration the feelings of their house elf."

"Quite right," said Molly. "You make your parents proud."

"Thanks. It's just ... Dobby gave his life to help me. I think elves can be good and noble like anyone else. They just need to be given a chance."

In a flash of green, George stepped into the kitchen. There was a brief smile on his face as he brushed ashes from his hair and shoulders. He sat down at the table and began filling his plate. "Sorry I'm late."

"Long day at the shop?" asked Arthur.

"Yeah, we've only been open a few days and the shop is getting a steady stream of customers again. I've been talking with suppliers trying to get new stock lined up. Don't know how I'd have managed today without Angelina's help. Lee was busy too keeping the shelves stocked with merchandise."

"That is so good to hear," said Molly. "Your father and I were please at the turn out for the IWROC meeting today too. It's heartwarming to hear that things are getting back to normal again."

Arthur said, "How are the other shops at Diagon Alley getting on?"

"Slow. But they're seeing a steady increase of customers too."

"How is Quality Quidditch Supplies doing?" asked Ginny.

"From what I hear, their business is picking up. Why the interest? Looking to get a new broom?"

"Maybe. I'm trying to collect Quidditch equipment for Hogwarts. I sent them an owl asking if they have anything to donate."

"If their margins are good, Hogwarts has a good chance of it sis."

She smiled. "That's good to hear. I hope everyone buys a new broom this season."

George grinned. "You think McGonagall needs any donations from the joke shop?"

In an authoritative voice Molly said, "I'm sure she'll have more than enough of that without your generous help." Everyone laughed.

Later that evening, they were all sitting in the parlor. Arthur was reading the Daily Prophet while Molly sat beside him in her chair knitting. George had gone to his room saying he had an early start the next morning. Harry sat next to Ginny on the sofa. They were sipping apple cider and going over the list of Quidditch suppliers.

"I think we've owl'd them all," said Ginny thoughtfully.

"How long do you think it will take to get replies?" asked Harry.

"I'll give them a week." Smiling she said, "Otherwise, they might get a louder correspondence from me."

Harry grinned as the memory of Ron's howler at start of second year came to mind.

"She definitely takes after Molly on that account," said a voice from behind the newspaper.

Molly smiled as she concentrated on a pair of floating knitting needles that danced along a row of stitches in front of her.

After a moment, Arthur folded the newspaper and laid it on his lap. "Harry, did you find out anything about your parents wands?"

Harry had been so busy telling Ginny about the cottage at Godric's Hollow, and helping her write owls, that he had not thought about his meeting with Talulla.

"Yes, I met with Talulla O'Keefe," he said excitedly. He reached into his mokeskin pouch and withdrew the narrow sealed box. "She brought this to me from the storage vaults."

They all watched as Harry broke the seal and carefully opened the lid of the box. There were two rolled pieces of parchment inside. He lifted one out and carefully unrolled it. A wand rested in the lower curl of a parchment with official looking writing on it.

He read aloud, "In possession at time of death, October thirty-first, nineteen eighty-one, wand of Lily Evans Potter. Willow and Unicorn hair, ten and one-quarter inches, swishy. Authenticated by Garrick Ollivander, witnessed by Albus Dumbledore."

Harry took hold of the wand and twisted it slowing in his fingers. "Mum's wand," he thought. "It once was joined with her magical life force." After a moment, he handed the wand to Ginny and laid the parchment on the tea table. Lifting the second parchment from the box, he carefully unrolled it.

"In possession at time of death, October thirty-first, nineteen eighty-one, wand of James Potter. Mahogany and Dragon heartstring, eleven inches, pliable. Authenticated by Garrick Ollivander, witnessed by Albus Dumbledore."

Ginny watched him twist and examine his father's wand. After a quiet moment she said, "This is wonderful Harry and such special keepsakes. The wands that chose your mum and dad."

Molly set down her knitting and looked at Arthur. After a moment, he nodded back to her. She said, "Harry, you might be able to learn something of your parents or family from the wands if you wish."

"You mean with Prior Incantato?"

"No, this is more like a feeling or inclination. Ollivander said it is part of the very personal connection between a wand and its chosen witch or wizard. Wands may choose to reveal something of their deceased owner to a family member. It all depends on how the wand perceives the motives behind the request."

"What do I do?"

"Since there are two wands, place them side by side on the table pointing toward you. Now turn them slightly and overlap the tips just a bit ... yes, that's right. Bring to mind a memory of your parents. Then, lightly touch your wand where the others are crossed and say, Reveleo Essentia."

Harry closed his eyes and thought for a moment. An image of the Mirror of Erised came to mind. In his mind's eye, the mirror contained the ghostly reflection of his parents. He felt again the empty longing to be with them. Opening his eyes, he touched his wand to the others and said, "Reveleo Essentia."

A white ghost like glow formed where the three wands touched and expanded like a small cloud. The Weasleys watched as the cloud floated up, encircled Harry's head, and then dissolved into him. His eyes closed and he sat motionless as if in a trance.

Ginny whispered, "How long will he be like this?"

"It's hard to say," said Molly in a whispered voice. "It could be a while depending on what the wands are revealing. Best you keep watch over him. Come Arthur, let's go to bed."

Arthur and Molly quietly left the room. Ginny drew her feet up close and settled herself comfortably in the corner of the sofa watching Harry. There was a tranquil expression on his face and a slight upward curl to corners of his mouth. Her thoughts began to wander in amusement. "I wonder how he'd look in a beard?" She tapped her finger on her chin. "Hmm ... what kind should it be? ... Something a bit aristocratic. ... Or maybe just a mustache, that wouldn't tickle as much. ..."

It was quiet darkness and a gentle rocking motion. He was looking down at an infant that was lying close to a breast. The infant looked back with unfocused eyes and a peaceful contented expression. He felt a smile on his face and an inner feeling of completeness. His finger lightly brushed the infant's soft cheek and then gently traced the curve of the chin. The thought of a good and loving father came to mind and tears welled up. Leaning forward and placing a tender kiss on the infant's forehead, an overwhelming feeling of joy filled his heart.

There was a muffled sound like that of a voice but the words were indistinct. A pair of hands lifted the infant and another pair of arms carefully cradled it. As he looked down at the child, a deep feeling of thankfulness washed over him. He wiggled his finger above the child's face and the green eyes watched its every move. Then thoughts flowed into his mind.

"My son, the future English National Quidditch seeker. I'll teach you to fly on a broom, show you the moves, and help you hone your skills. Fans and admirers will cheer when they announce your name. ... Or maybe, you'll quietly work for justice like your mum. You'll take charge in difficult situations and put the well-being of others before yourself. Whatever your choice, we'll have great times filled with magic and fun.

You didn't come with an owner's manual so I'll ask you now to forgive me the mistakes I might make along the way. Being a father is a new experience and I might sometimes miss seeing things from your point of view. In the end, we'll both learn beyond anything we could have dreamed possible.

Choose your friends and life companions with care my son. They will influence the person you become more than you can imagine. Be thankful for their opinions and viewpoints. In many ways, they will know you better than you know yourself. And should you fall in love with a special someone, marry her. She will be your greatest treasure and you will teach each other the most important truths of life.

Be thankful for what you receive in life and do what you can to help others in need. We're all on this journey together. Though it might be hard at times, try to laugh and have some fun."

The image faded and the voice in his mind became quiet.

His eyes slowly opened and the softly illuminated objects in the parlor came into focus.

"How do you feel Harry," said Ginny in a gentle voice.

"Excellent," said Harry in a quiet voice.

She moved close and laid her head on his shoulder.

"It was wonderful Ginny, like seeing through their eyes ..."

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