Chapter 16:   Being With You

Midmorning light filled the room as she opened her eyes. The smell of salt air wafted in on the gentle breeze through the open window. It had been a deep and most restful night of sleep. She looked at Harry still asleep under her arm. His face held a peaceful expression. She listened to his slow rhythmic breathing and felt his pulse under her fingertips. She was acutely aware of his life signs. They were as familiar as her own.

She thought about how they had slept in the same bed since the day of their engagement and the agreed boundary they had not crossed. They had used it to experience the subtle nuances of their courtship. Now, they would move forward from that firm foundation. There was new wonder, anticipation, and excitement that she had not felt before, and awareness of something much more. A realization that within the living presence of his body resides a true sacred being. The source of his life, thoughts, and love for her, was somehow infused in the flesh and blood she lie against. It was that being, beyond the limitations of a human form, she chose to be with and know a little better each day.

Harry stirred and then stretched. He sighed contentedly as he opened his eyes. "Good morning beautiful."

"Good morning my dearest. How did you sleep?"

"Deep and restful, best night's sleep ever. Have you been awake long?"

"Just a few minutes, I was thinking and watching you sleep."

"I was having a dream just now. It was about us as spirits, choosing to be with each other."

She raised an eyebrow. "I was just thinking that too. It's so nice when that happens. It seems the ability to share thoughts with each other is working quite well. We'll need to learn a bit of thought control."

In a concerned tone he said, "You want to limit our connection? Insightful thoughts like that I want you to share with me."

"Yes, I promise I always will. I'm sorry. What I meant to say is not share the daily unimportant decisions or work related thoughts. Think of what it would be like if our every thought or mundane decision flooded into each other's head. Should I study arithmancy or charms? Will there be test questions about this or that? Paper or plastic? You'd never have peace for your own thoughts. Eventually, we'd start to close down the connection and I don't think either of us wants that. I want you in my head for anything you think is important to us. The pros and cons of deciding which color socks to wear? You may keep that to yourself."

Looking somewhat relieved he said, "That sounds better." He smiled. "Reckon that means you won't be helping me answer my Hogwarts exam questions."

She shook her head. "No, I'll have my own exam questions to answer."

"Do you want to go and get something to eat?"


After an unusually long morning shower, Harry and Hermione were seated at a quite table enjoying brunch at the hotel breakfast buffet.

"What would you like to do today?" asked Harry.

"Let's do some shopping for a while and try to find thank you gifts."

"Good idea. We had so much help, especially from Ron and Ginny."

They walked up to the front desk of the hotel. "Good day," said the concierge. "How may I be of assistance?"

Harry said, "We'd like to get some information about nearby places to shop."

"Yes, one moment." The concierge collected some pamphlets. He placed one of the pamphlets on the counter in front of them. "If you exit the lobby to your left, the boardwalk will lead you into a village of small specialty shops." He placed a second pamphlet on the counter. "Out the north lobby entrance, about four blocks walk, is a large shopping mall in the downtown area." Placing the last pamphlet on the counter he said, "Continuing down the hall past your room, your portkey will give you access to the thaumaturgic shop area."

"Thaumaturgic?" thought Harry.

"Magical" was her thought reply.

The concierge said, "May I assist you with anything else?"

"No. This is good. Thank you."

"Very good sir. A pleasant day to each of you."

They spent the next few hours leisurely visiting the many shops along the boardwalk. There were shirt and hat shops, clothing shops, toyshops, a bookshop, a candle shop, a kite shop, and a shop selling wind chimes and music boxes. In a park-like area, artists and artisans were selling paintings, handmade crafts, and jewelry. Harry and Hermione exchanged thoughts with each other as they looked at things. Gradually, it became second nature for them to share thoughts of interest with each other. There were a few funny looks from people when Harry or Hermione laughed for no apparent reason.

They had just exited one of shops on the boardwalk when Harry stopped and listened. "Hermione, do you hear that music?"

"Yes, it seems to be coming from further up the boardwalk."

"I know what it is. C'mon, let's go and see. It will be fun."

They started walking toward the sound and the music grew louder. As they turned a corner, a large carousel came into view.

Harry excitedly said, "Let's go for a ride. Maybe you'll get a brass ring."

"Brass ring?"

"Yeah, come over here and watch." The carousel began to turn. "See the riders on the outside horses? The attendant will extend a ring dispenser. See ... there. You reach out and try to pull a ring from it as you go by. Most of the rings are iron. If you get one of those, throw it there." Harry pointed as a rider tossed a ring. "But if you get a brass ring, keep it and give it to the attendant after the ride ends. You can get a prize or a free ride."

"Okay," said Hermione. "I think I fancy a ride on that pink horse."

Harry smiled and went to get tickets. The carousel stopped and they got on. Harry mounted the black horse behind Hermione.

As the carousel began to turn, she looked back at him and thought, "Is the black stallion going to try and catch me to win a prize?"

"Trying to distract me from getting a ring are you? You are enough of a distraction already just being in front of me."

The attendant extended the ring dispenser. Both of them missed on the first pass. On the next pass, Hermione missed and Harry pulled an iron ring. On the next turn, Hermione got an iron ring and Harry missed. On the next pass, they each pulled a ring and Hermione held it close. He felt a wave of happiness wash over him. The ring dispenser retracted and she spent the remainder of the ride teasing him as the horses moved up and down.

When the ride ended, she thought, "Join me in that heart shaped love seat."

The love seat had a large red heart shape on each end. The pink seating area between was just wide enough for two. When seated, the occupants were mostly hidden from view. They sat down as the attendant came by. Smiling, she handed him the brass ring. Harry reached into his pocket for another ticket but the attendant held up his hand, smiled, and stepped away. As the carousel turned, they held each other close and exchanged a prize or two.

As the ride ended and the carousel began to slow he said, "I have two more tickets. Shall we have another go at the rings?"

With a smile she said, "Hmmm ... let me think." She squinted her eyes and with a mock thoughtful expression, tapped her chin with her finger. "Should I sit here and snog you or have another go at the rings. Tough decision." A second later, she grinned and gave him a quick peck. "Well, since I can snog you anytime I want, let's do the rings again."

Harry laughed. They got up and mounted the horses again. During this ride, they each pulled a few rings but neither of them got a brass ring. As they were walking away from the carousel, they decided that a consolation prize was in order. It just so happened that an ice cream shop was close by. They sat on a bench in the shade of a tree, each with an ice cream cone in hand; Hermione's with Vanilla Cherry Delight and Harry's with Chocolate Banana Surprise. Licking their ice cream cones, they snickered at the thoughts of ice cream flavors that passed between them. All the while, they watched young and old enjoy a ride on the carousel.

Later in the afternoon, now in swimsuits, they shared a doublewide lounge on their private beach facing the ocean. The sun was getting low in the sky. A small wooden beach table on each side of the lounge held a tropical drink with a miniature umbrella in it. A large piece of pineapple was on the rim of each glass. Holding a book she had purchased earlier that day in one hand, Hermione was reading while her other hand lightly caressed Harry's back. Harry held a kite string in each of his hands. Enjoying the pleasant tingling sensations of her touch, he caused the kite to twist and turn over the waves and watched its colorful streamer trace a path in the sky.

She laid the book on her chest and reached for her drink. After taking a sip she said, "You're very good with that kite. Have you flown one before?"

"A few times, when I was young. Uncle Vernon said it was an inexpensive way to have me out of the house for a while."

She frowned. "Honestly Harry, I don't know how you became such a caring person after being raised in a family like that."

"You and Ron. Our friendship was the best thing that ever happened to me, short of marrying you that is."

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Well, I think your mum and dad had a lot to do with your personality too."

"Would you like to fly the kite?"

"Yes, it looks like fun." She put her book on the table. "What do I do?"

"Come over here and sit between my legs in front of me."

"This is going to be fun." She ducked under the string in his right hand and sat in front of him.

"Okay, take the strings from each of my hands, use the little handles."

"Oh ... It has quite a pull. It feels like it's alive."

He put his hands on hers. "Now, just move one hand toward you and the other away to make it turn and dance, like this." He guided her hands and the kite turned left and right.

"This is great!" she exclaimed.

Harry felt happiness wash over him like had happened on the carousel. He watched as she cautiously made the kite turn in the wind. In a short time, the kite was zooming across the sky, climbing high and swooping low over the water. He wrapped his arms around her midriff and put his chin on her shoulder.

He felt contented sharing in her delight. He looked down and saw his arms wrapped around her. He held the embodied sacred spirit he so dearly loved. It was miraculous and seemed like an incredible dream. They were together, two souls that had been separated by time and space, touching each other once again. He felt a warm satisfaction and marveled at the intimate and extraordinary relationship that would be with them for the rest of their lives.

"That felt good Harry, such a wonderful thought."

She felt him tighten his grip and turn his face into her neck. After a moment, the scent of her suntan lotion recalled the memory of their previous night in the hot tub. He began to kiss her gently on the neck and behind her ears.

She grinned. "Is this how you flew kites when you were young?"

Switching to her other ear, he continued to kiss her. "No ... I didn't have my lovely wife in a skimpy swimsuit with me then."

She squirmed and giggled. "That tickles. So how am I doing?"

Without stopping he said, "Perfect."

She laughed. "No, I mean flying the kite."

"You've scored Exceeds Expectations." He began to run his fingers through her hair and massage her head. "You'll get Outstanding if the kite is still flying after this."

The kite soared high into the sky and floated on the wind. Tilting her head back, her eyes closed and she let out a long sigh. "Mmm ... I want all my NEWTs to be like this." She leaned back against his chest with a tranquil expression on her face. He felt happiness and contentment.

After a moment he said, "How about a date tonight? Would you like to go for some supper and dancing at that dinner club we saw on the boardwalk?"

She turned to look at him. "Why Mr. Potter, I'd love to."

"Well, fair warning Mrs. Potter. You might want to put protective charms on your feet."

"You did very well when we danced at our reception."

"That was the easy slow dancing. We just held each other and turned to the music. I'm not very good with fancy stuff. Maybe you could put a dancing charm on my feet."

"You'll do fine. Besides, I like hold and turn dancing with you." She smiled. "Well, since we're going out on a date, we should go in and wash the sand and suntan lotion off."

Harry grinned. "Another shower today? I'm such a lucky guy."

Hermione laughed. "We'll both be so squeaky clean."

After dinner, they danced and talked with other couples. People from many different parts of the world were there on holiday with interesting stories to tell. Some were celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. Others were there on business. Later in the evening, as they were enjoying a slow dance, another couple danced up beside them.

The woman smiled and the man said, "Please pardon our intrusion on your evening. We both just wanted to say a quick thank you. The awards you received are very much deserved."

"Yes," said the woman. "And congratulations, you are a beautiful couple. We wish you all the best and a long happy life together."

"Thank you so much," said Hermione in an appreciative tone. The couple smiled and danced away from them.

He thought, "I didn't think anyone would recognize us so far away from England."

She grinned. "I suppose I have to expect that now. I married the famous Harry Potter. He's the chosen one you know. It's a burden I'll just have to learn to bear."

He rolled his eyes and smiled. "Yeah, and I married the bright and witty Hermione Granger. I've heard it said that she's a very clever and resourceful witch. She's totally awesome and my chosen one."

She pulled him close. "Oh Harry, I love you so much. This has been such a wonderful day. Just one more thing I want to do with you."

"And what might that be?"

She grinned. "A dance on the beach."

His eyes brightened. "I like that idea."

Looking into her eyes, he gave her a tender kiss as the music ended. Then, they walked off the dance floor hand in hand.

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