Chapter 14:   Diem de Spiritus

The wakeup alarm sounded on the clock in the living room of the Granger home. Hermione and Ginny stirred from their separate sleeping places on the two sofas. Ginny reached and groped for her wand as she sat up. She brushed the red hair from her face trying to wake up. Hermione sleepily sat up thinking in retrospect that she and Ginny probably should not have talked so long last night. But they had both been very excited about this day. Hermione stood and Ginny moved close to face her. Ginny touched her wand lightly to Hermione's chest. "diem de spiritus!" Then, they both went back to their respective sofas and lie down again for a few more hours of sleep.

"Harry, Harry. You need to wake up for a minute," said Ron.

Harry sat up as Ron's bedroom slowly came into focus. Ron was sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes. After another minute, they both stood. Taking his wand in hand, Ron touched it to Harry's chest. "diem de spiritus!"

Then, while covering a big yawn with his fist, Ron said, "A few more hours of sleep then?"

"Yeah. That's a good idea Ron," said Harry as he fell back onto the cot.

Molly fussed over Harry and attached a red carnation to his lapel. He wore a white tuxedo with long coat tails and a bowtie. After scrutinizing him one last time, Molly pronounced him ready and then hurried into the parlor. Harry stepped out into the backyard to wait for Ron.

"Ginny," said Ron speaking into the fireplace, "Is Hermione out of sight at the church?"

"Yes, I've got her in the dressing room on the left side by the main entrance."

"Okay. I'm leaving for the church with Harry. We'll be in the sacristy on the right."

Ron stood up and straightened the coat of his charcoal colored tuxedo and bowtie. He also wore a red carnation in his lapel. He touched his hand to the coat pocket and felt the small case containing Hermione's ring. Then he stepped to the parlor door, looked in, and saw Molly fussing with Arthur's tuxedo. "Harry and I are leaving now. See you at the church."

Ron stepped outside and stood by Harry. "Ready to go mate?"

Harry smiled. "Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing her."

They clasped hands and disapparated.

Ginny moved to the dressing room door and quickly slipped back inside. Hermione sat at a dressing table with large mirror. Emma stood behind arranging Hermione's hair.

"There, it looks lovely." Emma looked at Hermione's reflection in the mirror and squeezed her shoulders.

"Thanks Mum. Fleur is so generous; it's very special to her."

Ginny looked at Hermione in the mirror. "Bill told me she was very happy when you asked. I think it's just the right touch of elegance to go with your dress."

Looking in the mirror, Hermione pinched the dress fabric on each side by her chest. "Ginny, would you tighten the fit just a little."

Ginny took out her wand and touched the dress fabric on each side. "How's that?"

"Perfect, thanks Ginny."

"Stand up so we can have a look at you," said Emma.

Emma and Ginny backed away as Hermione stood and turned to face them.

"Simply enchanting," said Emma with teary eyes.

Ginny smiled. "Better have a shield charm ready for when Harry gets a look at you."

Hermione smiled. "I miss him so much."

There was a gentle knock. Ginny went to the door and opened it just enough to peek out. Then she turned to Hermione. "Ready for some photos?"

"Yes, have her come in."

Juliette slipped inside and Ginny quickly closed the door.

The guests were seated in the church wherever they wished and were quietly conversing with one another. In attendance were the extended Weasley family, Hogwarts school friends, Hagrid, Liz Beth, Tom, Ian, Martha, Wilbur and many of the professors from Hogwarts. Two large flower arrangements were in front on both sides of the sanctuary. Lit candles floated along the walls. Each had colorful flowers around the base. Many long red, white and gold ribbons gently twisted and fluttered beneath each candle.

Music began to play. Harry and Ron walked in from a side door. They stood in front on the right between the first pew and the raised floor of the sanctuary. A tall three stem candelabra stood in the center of the sanctuary holding a single unlit candle in the center stem.

Arthur escorted Molly slowly up the center aisle, Molly carrying a lit candle. They stopped in front of the candelabra and Molly added the candle she carried. After Molly and Arthur seated themselves, Emma Granger entered carrying another lit candle. She moved slowly up the center aisle, added the candle to the candelabra, and then seated herself.

McGonagall entered from a door on the left side and moved to stand by the candelabra facing the guests. Smiling and carrying a bouquet of colorful flowers, Ginny walked slowly up the center aisle wearing an elegant deep green dress. Ron met her in the center, took her arm in his, and led her forward up the steps into the sanctuary. They separated a short distance and then turned to face the guests. The music shifted to the bridal march. Everyone stood and turned toward the entrance of the church.

The doors of the vestibule opened. Hermione held her father's arm and together they stepped forward. She wore a white satin strapless wedding gown. Its layered and pleated skirt flared and hung just above the floor. Delicate lace accents adorned the gown from the waist up. An arch of white roses angled gracefully down on one side of the skirt. Her hair was elegantly arranged and Fleur's tiara rested lightly on her head. Lily's griffin necklace rested high on her chest. Seeing her, Harry was mesmerized and his gaze transfixed on her. She was beyond beautiful and her face seemed to radiate a pure white glow as Dan escorted her slowly up the center aisle.

Hermione felt a delightful weightless elation. She blushed slightly seeing that all eyes were unblinking and looking at her. Her gaze fell on the man she loved and longed to be with, there seemed to be radiance in his face. Her gaze locked and everything else in her field of view went out of focus.

Harry moved toward them, his eyes fixed on hers. Dan kissed his daughter on the cheek and stepped back allowing Harry to take his place at her side. It was very hard for both Harry and Hermione not to wrap each other in a hug. Joining arms, they moved up the steps into the sanctuary and stopped in front of McGonagall. Ginny and Ron turned to face them. The music faded into silence and the guests seated themselves.

McGonagall looked at the gathering. "Good afternoon to each of you. We gather here today to witness and celebrate the bonding of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in marriage. It is an honor and privilege to officiate at this ceremony. I have been blessed to see them grow from children into adults of courage, honesty, and virtue."

"The particular bonding ritual they have chosen is called Vinculi Spiritu or bond of the spirit. The origin of this ritual dates back at least three hundred years. It seeks to confer spiritual blessings on the couple in addition to their life union as husband and wife. This bond is most sacred and serious. It is not entered into lightly or without careful serious consideration."

"Essential to Vinculi Spiritu is the purification of mind and body. Harry and Hermione completed the preparatory parts of this ritual in isolation from each other over the last two days. The best man, Ronald Weasley, and the maid of honor, Ginny Weasley, have stood by them keeping watch and aiding them at certain times. On this third day, in the presence of us all, Harry and Hermione will bond themselves into a new life that shares body, mind, and spirit with each other. In doing so, their union is beyond a promise. It will be part of their true being and we may rightfully refer to them as soul mates."

"And so I ask any here present, do you have knowledge or lawful reason that Harry and Hermione should not be joined in marriage? If so, speak now or forever hold your peace."

After a short moment of silence McGonagall said, "Since no objection is voiced, we begin with a scripture reading about love which is the foundation of a marriage."

Katie stepped forward to a small podium and read aloud.

"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal ... Love is patient and kind ... the greatest of these is love." [1 Cor 13]

After Katie returned to her seat, McGonagall looked at Harry and Hermione with a serious expression. "Harry and Hermione, have you come here freely, and without reservation, to complete your bond to each other, in the sight of God and those here present?"

"We have," they said together.

"Harry and Hermione, do you understand that you will be bound to each other as husband and wife for the remainder of your earthly lives?"

"We do," they said together.

"Since these are your intentions, I ask that you face each other and join your right hands."

They turned and, warmly smiling, joined their hands at chest level. Taking her wand, McGonagall passed it in an arc over their joined hands. A golden ribbon appeared and wound itself around their hands.

"Harry, please pronounce your pledge to Hermione."

He looked deeply into her eyes. "Hermione, I freely present to you all that I am in body, mind, and in spirit. I take you as my wife to share with you my life, hopes, and dreams. I promise to be true to you always. I will comfort you in your sorrow, celebrate in your joy, and care for you always. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

"Hermione, please pronounce your pledge to Harry."

She looked deeply into his eyes. "Harry, I freely present to you all that I am in body, mind, and in spirit. I take you as my husband to share with you my life, hopes, and dreams. I promise to be true to you always. I will comfort you in your sorrow, celebrate in your joy, and care for you always. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

"In the presence of us all, witnesses of the words spoken by each of you this day, we bless and approve your pledges to each other." She lightly tapped their joined hands with her wand.

A spark flew up from their joined hands and settled on the unlit candle in the candelabra. It scintillated like a bright star. The ribbon transformed into a golden glow that dissolved into their hands.

McGonagall said, "The rings they will now exchange are sign and symbol of their solemn pledge to each other."

Harry turned to Ron. Ron held out Hermione's gold wedding band in the palm of his hand. Harry took it and turned back to face Hermione taking hold of her hand.

Looking into her eyes, he slid the ring onto her finger saying, "Take and wear this ring as a sign of our love and fidelity."

Likewise, Ginny held out Harry's gold wedding band for Hermione.

Looking into his eyes she said, "Take and wear this ring as a sign of our love and fidelity." She slid the ring onto his finger.

McGonagall said, "Please join your left hands for the consecration of your bond."

They raised their hands to chest height, with palms facing down, and laced their fingers. McGonagall held the tip of her wand above the rings and said,

"liberum arbitrii electio de mentibus" (free-will choice of the minds)
"cum caritas de corda" (with love from the hearts)
"esse nunc coniuncta in spiritus" (be now united in the spirit)

Both rings began to radiate a blue glow that pulsed in brightness like a heartbeat. McGonagall smiled with a small nod of satisfaction. She touched the rings with her wand tip and the glow faded away.

McGonagall motioned and Ginny moved to stand very close Hermione. Ron stood close to Harry. McGonagall moved back a few steps and said, "Harry and Hermione, please seal your bond with each other."

Smiling and holding each other's hands, they moved toward each other and kissed. An instant later, they each felt a shock of joy. Perception of their surroundings clouded for a moment. A golden wave of light emanated from them and spread out through the nave of the church touching all present with a brief tingling sensation. Their kiss separated and they swayed still holding each other's hands. Ron and Ginny reached out to steady them and felt a warm and soothing sensation.

Hermione was regaining her composure when she perceived a soft and gentle "I love you Hermione."

She looked toward Harry. He had a thoughtful gaze fixed on her. Realizing that Harry had not spoken with his voice, tears of joy formed in her eyes.

"I love you Harry," she thought back to him.

He gave her a small nod. Their faces beamed as they strongly embraced each other in excited happiness. "We should keep this to a minimum for now out of respect to our guests."

"Yes, I agree. I'm so happy."

They released each other. Harry turned toward Ron and nodded.

"Yes!" Ron embraced and clapped Harry on the back.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Hermione turned toward Ginny and nodded. Ginny squealed in delight and embraced Hermione.

McGonagall, understanding what she had just witnessed between the four of them, smiled happily. She could not be more proud of all that Harry and Hermione had accomplished. She proclaimed, "Having sealed their bond, I declare they are now husband and wife. I am pleased to present to you Harry and Hermione Potter."

Everyone stood and applauded as Harry and Hermione turned to face them. There were flashes of light from cameras. They linked each other's arm as the closing wedding march began to play. Then they walked arm in arm out of the church followed by Ron, Ginny, and their guests.

They greeted each of their guests as they exited the church. In the reception hall, everyone enjoyed a buffet as Harry and Hermione continued to make their way around and talk to all of their friends and family.

Later, when everyone present held a glass of champagne at the ready, Ron said, "Please raise your glass to my dearest friends, Harry and Hermione." Ron looked at them with his glass raised. "May your lives, and the life you now share as husband and wife, be filled with love, fulfillment, happiness, and peace."

"Here, here!" everyone cheered.

Harry and Hermione shared a sip of champagne with interlinked arms. They gave each other cake. Music began to play and they danced. Everyone had a very good time.

Later, Ron and Ginny came up to them. Ron said, "Sunset time you two. You can witness it just out that side door."

"Okay. Everyone is welcome to join us," said Hermione.

A short distance away was a small patio area with a deck that faced west. A meadow sloped gently down and away. The sun hung just above the horizon and the scattered clouds were aglow in orange and red. Harry and Hermione stepped onto the deck in front of their guests and held each other's hand looking toward the sun.

"I like it much better holding your hand at sunset," thought Hermione.

"Yeah. I really missed you. I think I felt your presence last night," thought Harry.

"I felt you too Harry. Your song to me was beautiful."

He turned to look at her in surprise. "You heard it?"

She smiled, "No, but your words came to me and I sang along. I hope you'll sing it to me again sometime."

"Yes, I will," he thought to her. Then, using his voice, he began to sing to her. "You fill up my senses, like a night in a forest ..."

After a moment, Ron looked at Ginny standing a short distance away. She was already looking at him. She silently mouthed to Ron, "sunset yesterday." Ron beamed a smile and nodded. The expression of a squeal came to Ginny's face and she clapped her hands softly in delight. Then, the expression on her face became dreamy. Looking back at Harry and Hermione, she wiped the corner of her eye. Ron, with an arm around Katie's waist, felt a peaceful contentment for his two friends.

The last of the sun was disappearing below the horizon as he finished the song. Hermione sang the last chorus with him. Then they embraced and kissed. There were cheers and clapping followed by rice showering down. Magic fireworks exploded above them. Pop! Pop! Confetti and streamers floated down on them. Their lips separated and they beamed at each other.

Ron went over to Ginny. "You reckon this is a good spot for those last two bonding customs?"

"Yes, this will do nicely." She turned to Arthur. "Dad, will you officiate?"


Arthur raised his voice. "Okay. I need all of the eligible ladies in this area over here. Come on now, don't be shy. Hermione, if you would please come over here with your bouquet. Face away from them."

Arthur took out his wand and touched it to the bouquet. "Impervius! ... Okay ladies, charms like accio won't work so don't even try. Hermione, on the count of three, throw the bouquet over your shoulder. Everyone ready? ... one ... two ... three."

The bouquet flew high into the air. Hands stretched upward as it fell into their midst. There were excited squeals as a hand held the bouquet firmly. The hand was attached to a beaming Katie. Ron caught her eye and smiled with a satisfied expression. People around Ron clapped him on the back saying things like, "No hope for you Ron." and "You're next."

Arthur said, "Okay. Now I need all of the eligible gentlemen in this area over here. Hermione, if you would sit here. Harry, you have a job to do."

As Hermione lifted her skirt, the sound of wolf howls and whistles were heard. She laughed and shook her head. Harry removed a blue garter from her leg.

Arthur said, "Impervius! Okay Harry, on the count of three. Everyone ready? ... one ... two ... three."

The garter flew high into the air. Hands stretched upward as it fell into their midst. Then, "Yes!" as a hand took hold of it. That hand belonged to George. Angelina beamed at George as he danced and caused more fireworks and confetti to appear. Everyone applauded. Harry and Hermione took each other's hand and led everyone back into the reception hall.

Later, after changing into traveling clothes, Harry and Hermione were about to leave on their honeymoon.

Hermione embraced Ginny and then Ron. "Thanks to both of you for all you've done for us these last few days." Harry did the same and said, "Yes, thanks. We really appreciate it. Hope we can return the favor one day for each of you."

"You two have a great honeymoon," said Ron. "See you when you get back."

Hermione waved to the guests. "Bye everyone. Thank you so very much for being a part of our special day."

Hermione linked her arm with Harry and a moment later, they disapparated.

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