Chapter 11:   Vinculi Spiritu

Harry and Hermione were invited to the Burrow the following weekend for a planning meeting. Arthur, Molly, Dan, Emma, Ron, and Ginny were also there. Hermione came armed with a wedding planner. Many of the wants and desires discussed the previous week were quickly sorted out. Harry desired to have the bonding ceremony at the church in Godric's Hollow. They discussed dresses, tuxedos, ceremony proceedings, and the many reception details. Everyone volunteered to help so Hermione assigned and scheduled the things that needed to be done. Harry could see that despite all of the work and details, Hermione was enjoying herself. The next day, she sent a letter by post to request a mid-November reservation for the church and reception hall.

A week later, Hermione, Ginny, Katie, Molly, and Emma spent the entire day shopping for dresses, visiting both magical and muggle shops. They returned to the Burrow late in the afternoon exhausted but very satisfied. The dress arrangements were complete. The guys prepared a barbeque dinner, done without magic, much to the fascination and delight of Arthur. The following day, the guys went tuxedo shopping at Diagon Alley after lunch. They were back by midafternoon, mission accomplished.

Harry took Hermione to the shop in Diagon Alley where he had obtained her engagement ring. Taking her hand, the shopkeeper said that he had never seen the ring sparkle more brightly or look more beautiful. Hermione smiled broadly. He told them about magical rings and how the glow reflects the love between a husband and wife.

Hearing they planned to bond using Vinculi Spiritu, the shopkeeper showed them rings that were appropriate for the ritual. The type of ring needed was different in metallurgy and the magic within. These rings were matched pairs and sizing needed to be done very carefully. After much discussion, Harry and Hermione settled on a ring set that matched her engagement ring.

They walked to Florean Fortescue's to say hi to Katie and enjoy an ice cream cone. Then, after spending some time in Flourish and Blotts, they went to the joke shop to visit with George and Angelina. The shop was crowded and George would periodically demonstrate a product to the crowd with a sales pitch.

As George talked with Harry and Hermione, he mentioned a number of products guaranteed to liven up their wedding day. He was particularly proud of His and Hers Magic Dancing Shoes. Not only did the shoes know all the dance steps, they also kept you from stepping on your partner's feet. And if that weren't enough, the shoes could also shoot magical flames and colored sparks depending on how you stomped down on the heel. Harry thought the shoes were brilliant and smiled enthusiastically. Hermione however, told George that while a great idea, the shoes weren't quite what she was looking for just now. George told Angelina that Hermione had always been a tough sell and they all laughed.

Later, Harry and Hermione went for a quiet walk in the park to talk and plan their honeymoon. The weather was turning cooler so they quickly agreed on a tropical destination. Harry would make the necessary travel and hotel arrangements.

While at the park, Hermione told Harry more about the bonding ceremony. She had come across a dusty old book while helping mend the Hogwarts library. Lying in a pile of other books on the floor, she had noticed a partially torn page sticking out. After mending the page, the image of a griffin caught her eye. She had spent the next half hour sitting on the floor, with the book in her lap, reading about the ancient ritual. It had intrigued and interested her.

"From what I read about the ritual, other connections between a husband and wife are possible; the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and magical powers. The book described couples who had successfully bonded using the ritual. It described the type of people they were and the traits and attitudes they seemed to have in common.

I think the relationship you and I have very much fits with the descriptions in the book. Things like our deep and trusting friendship. We're honest, truthful, and caring with each other. We can talk about anything and we respect each other's thoughts and opinions. Our thinking is both common and complementary. We know the right thing to do for each other and where one of us is weaker, the other compensates for it by being stronger. There's concern and aide for others when it is in our power to do so. Harry, we've been doing these things since our first year at Hogwarts."

They decided to meet with McGonagall and talk to her about the ritual. They also wanted to ask her to officiate at the bonding ceremony. Hermione sent an owl to McGonagall and received a reply the next day. McGonagall asked them to come to her office that week to discuss the ritual. The best man and maid of honor would also need to be present at the meeting. Ginny and Ron were free that Friday evening so they planned to meet for dinner in the Great Hall and then speak to McGonagall afterwards.

"Good to see you all," said McGonagall. "Please come in and be seated."

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny entered the headmistress' office and sat down in chairs that magically appeared in front of the claw-footed desk.

McGonagall seated herself behind the desk and said to Harry and Hermione, "I was so pleased and happy to receive your owl. Congratulations to both of you. I am honored to accept your invitation to officiate at your bonding. I am proud and impressed by your choice of the Vinculi Spiritu ceremony."

Hermione said, "Thank you headmistress. Could you tell us more about it?"

"It is an ancient bonding ritual. The couple seeks to unite themselves in body, mind, and spirit resulting in an enhanced relationship. The ability of the couple to share thoughts telepathically is likely to develop. This is not forcibly reading private thoughts but a willful act of giving a thought to a spouse. Rarer is the ability of the couple to experience some of each other's stronger feelings such as happiness, pleasure, or pain. Most rare, is the ability of the couple to combine their magical powers which intensifies the strength of a mutually cast spell. Each of these abilities, if present, is under willful control, and each individual must consent. The degree to which any of these abilities develop varies with each couple and is based on their relationship, moral character, and attitude toward others."

Harry said, "That is so extraordinary. Do many couples use this ritual?"

"Not many. The prerequisites and the ritual itself require much commitment and dedication. There is no guarantee that any of the abilities will develop. Like any bonding, magical or muggle, it is the husband and wife that freely initiate, sustain, and grow the bond as they desire. Friendship, love, purity of both individuals, and a true commitment to each other for life, are essential requirements for this type of bonding."

Hermione asked, "How is the bonding accomplished?"

"It is accomplished over three days. The first day focuses on perceptions and interaction with the physical. Things such as sheltering, protecting, care during sickness, and a family home. It involves non-magical labor and self-denial through fasting. The second day involves personal reflection and meditation, the replacement of a corrosive thought or attitude with a life-giving one. The third day is the ceremony of the spirit bonding. It is similar to a normal bonding ceremony in form, but it is much more. The bride and groom pledge the essence of their being to one another. Special charms and incantations call forth a deep magic from within the bride and groom. This elevates their bond to a spiritual level. It is most serious and unbreakable."

Everyone sat in silence for a moment. Hermione looked at Harry and softly said, "So what do you think Harry?"

He looked at her. "I would never have imagined all the things we've learned and experienced in the magical world. This bonding ritual might be the beginning of another wondrous part. I love you more than I can say and want our magical life together to be the best possible. Even if these abilities don't happen with us, we'll still have each other, our love, and friendship. We should do it. What do you think?"

"Ever since reading about it that day, I've thought it something that I'd want to experience. I love you so very much. The chance to make our life union even more special is too great an opportunity to pass up."

McGonagall smiled. "Very well, we shall proceed. Have you chosen a date for the ceremony?"

Hermione said, "Yes, it will be on the third Sunday in November to minimize the impact to our studies here at Hogwarts." She smiled. "Harry and I also want to arrange some time away together."

McGonagall smiled warmly. "Yes, by all means. Speak with each of your professors and make arrangements for your lessons and assignments."

McGonagall said, "Do either of you have any further questions for me at this time?"

They briefly looked at each other. Then Harry said, "No headmistress. Thank you."

"If you and Miss Granger would wait downstairs in the Great Hall, I would like to speak privately with the best man and maid of honor. They will return to you shortly."

Harry and Hermione got up and left the room.

"As best man and maid of honor, you have an active role to play in the bonding ceremony. You will help perform the logistics of the three day ritual so the bride and groom can focus fully on its personal aspects."

Ginny said, "That will be a challenge, particularly with Hermione. She likes to plan things out ahead of time." Ginny looked at Ron who was nodding with a smile.

"Indeed. However, you are close and trusted friends. You should have little difficulty."

McGonagall took two small books from her desk drawer and handed them to Ron and Ginny. "These books will tell you what needs to be done so you can prepare. The three of us will have additional meetings to ensure your full understanding. In summary, ..."

They spent a short while going over the general content of the book.

McGonagall said, "Please keep the information private so as not to burden Mr. Potter and Miss Granger. The two of you may discuss the books content with each other. We will meet again next week."

"Thank you headmistress." said Ron.

Ron and Ginny rejoined Harry and Hermione in the Great Hall.

"My word," said Ginny. "This is an exceptional bonding the two of you are undertaking. It goes well beyond just tying the knot."

Everyone smiled. Ron said, "I've never heard anyone in the Weasley family talk about this ceremony. I know you two can do it and you'll be successful."

Hermione said, "Thanks to both of you. I hope it won't be too much trouble for you. What did McGonagall talk to you about?"

Ginny said, "We can't say too much about it now. We'll be meeting with her a few times to go over things in more detail. This is so exciting."

Ron said, "Yeah, and it's no trouble at all. We want to do whatever it takes to help make your bonding day the best ever and just the way you want it." Ginny nodded enthusiastically.

"There must be something more you can tell us, so Harry and I can prepare."

Ginny and Ron looked at her with pressed lips and slowly shook their heads.

Harry said, "Hermione, I think Ron and Ginny are very serious about this. They'll make sure things are done right. Thanks Ron, thanks Ginny. You two, any your whole family, are simply the best."

After a brief moment, Hermione reluctantly nodded. "O...kay."

On the eve of their three-day bonding ceremony, Harry and Hermione were at their flat busily making final preparations. Hermione was going over and rechecking her wedding planner. Harry was on the bedroom floor boxing up the last of the reception decorations.


Looking at the contents of the box, he smiled. "Ron has it at the Burrow."

"Wedding dress is with Mum," she muttered to herself. ... "Hogwarts lesson assignments, flowers, candles, guestbook ..."

In the living room, there was a flash of green light as Ginny, and then Ron, stepped from the fireplace.

"Harry? Hermione?" said Ginny. "We're here."

"We'll be right there," called Hermione from her bedroom.

A moment later, a box floated out from the hall. Harry guided the box with his wand and set it on the floor by the sofa.

"Hi. That box has the decorations for the church and reception hall. They've been charmed to float into position by themselves. Just open the box in each room."

"Okay. I'll make sure it gets done," said Ron. Hermione stepped into the room studying her wedding planner.

Without looking up from the planner she said, "Ron, you and Ginny have the rings?"

Ron and Ginny glanced at each other and exchanged a smile. Ron said, "Yes Hermione, we have them safe."

After another moment, she closed the planner and handed it to Ginny. "I think everything that needed to get done is done." Then, with a concerned and sheepish look, she meekly said, "Check it over once more ... just to be sure?"

Ginny smiled. "I will." Then with a determined expression said, "Hermione, you need to put the planning out of your mind now. Don't think about it anymore. There are more important preparations to be completed, you and Harry."

Hermione opened her mouth to say something. Ginny gave her a stern look. She closed her mouth and nodded.

Grinning, Ginny said, "Any last minute goodbye time needed?"

Hermione smiled, "No, we accomplished that a few minutes ago. But since you asked." She flung herself at Harry embracing him tightly and kissing him. ...

"Ahem," said Ron after a moment. Ginny giggled as Hermione released Harry and he staggered slightly.

Ron said, "I reckon you both remember all of this but McGonagall wants us to go over it with you one last time. You can't see or talk to each other until the ceremony on Sunday. You can only use magic for reasons of security and safety. Each day, Ginny and I will pronounce a daybreak invocation over you and you must witness its sunset. If you need anything, just ask."

Harry and Hermione nodded.

Ginny said, "Okay, anything else before we go?" They all looked at each other in silence. "Right then. Hermione, you're with me." She took firm hold of Hermione's hand.

Hermione looked at Harry and, in a quiet lonesome voice said, "Bye Harry."

"Bye Hermione. See you in a few days."

There was a whoosh and a pop as Ginny and Hermione disapparated.

Ron extended his hand. "Ready mate?" Harry nodded and took hold. They disapparated and instant later.

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